Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wow it is HOT!

From the title you probably know what I am going to talk about. Yes, about hot spaghettis. :)

All people(ok, almost all) enjoy eating. Just sometimes we do not have enough time to eat, or we have so short time period we can spend for eating that we cannot wait for the food to cool off. But at the same time we cannot eat only snacks which already have a perfect temperature. In that case the only thing we would get is some serious stomach problems.

The only way to solve this problem is to find out a way to cool off the food while we are eating. Hmmm, we could try to eat in fridge. Not enough space! We could pour cold water on the food. That would destroy the taste of it. Or we could just move to some could country and always eat outside.

Actually, someone has made something that would allow us to stay in the place we are.

See, the spaghetti changes temperature at the time you take it out from plate.

I believe this is not the only model of this awesome invention. We could probably find the same things with spoons and forks.

From now on we can enjoy our meal without burning our tongues and without checking the watches constantly.

Have a nice meal,

Your crazy inventions’ blog


You feel like the best singer on the world, bus somehow your voice sound good only when you are in shower? Many of us have the same problem. We wait for the time we can go to shower and practice our performance again and again. But sometimes shampoo disappoints us because it is not the best microphone. Maybe someone bought XL bottle and now you cannot even hold it in your hand. Whole shower concert could be destroyed because of that. OR maybe you could find something else that could be used as a mike.

For instance, this product would always be in your shower, and it has the shape as microphone.

Now you can enjoy your shower concerts again.   But remember, you are probably the one who is going to pay the water bill, so do not make your performances too long.

If music is so important to you, we could show you one more amazing invention.

Please don’t stop the music!!!

The only problem with this could be that you need an ipod; however, if you feel like musician and music takes an important part of your life, you probably already have one.

Your biggest fan,

Crazy inventions’ blog.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Something for rainy days!

We all have seen people fighting with umbrellas and wind, and the scenario is always the same – people and umbrellas lose, but wind just smashes peoples’ umbrellas apart. But people have no other choice. They have to use them. Unless, they want to use the silly rain-cotes. But who wants to do that. Also, sometimes it is hard to hold umbrella when you have full hands with some other stuff.

Fortunately, this is not going to be a problem in the future any more. We would like to show you the umbrella which is not going to fall apart when the first wind comes, and, what is even better, you don’t have to hold it.

The only problem with this could be that NASA scientists would try to kidnap you. You would have to spend some time explaining why you look like an alien.

Unfortunately, this is not the only problem. There is always problem if two people need to stay under one umbrella. One is always getting wet. If it is a couple than male person has to be the one who does not mind getting wet.

So this is going to be a help for all guys who have a beloved person who likes taking a long walks in the rain.

Here you are, enjoy!

Again, this is not all. The other problem is with dogs’ umbrellas. You think that there are no dogs’ umbrellas? That is the problem. Why would our little friends like to go out in the cold rain? Surprisingly, but they don’t! But again, some nice person has made something for our little dogs.

Be careful, before buying! Make sure that your dog is ok with the color of umbrella. :)

Have a nice(sunny) day,

Your crazy inventions’ blog.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Don't say NO to your friends

Friends are inviting you to some party, but you have to say no because you have classes in the next morning. That is sad. There should be some way to fix this without dropping out of school.

You know, we can always sleep in the classes; actually, not always. Professors see that, and we can get in troubles. So the only way to do this is to sleep in a way no-one sees it.

Happily, we have found an invention which allows to go out with friends and then to school afterwards.

WOW! Impressive :)

It seems that the person is paying attention to every word someone is saying. Professor will want to give the highest grades only because of your ability to listen intensively.

We would not recommend using this for the people who talk in the sleep. It could be awkward. Unless, you talk about the subject. That would be even more amazing.

So thanks to the person who invented this.

Before using this in class, we recommend to try at home because you have to find the perfect way to put your arm that head would not fall down.

So I believe this is the time to meet your friends.

Thank you for attention,
Your crazy inventions’ blog

Spring is Coming!

This is the time when winter is going to the end and spring is finally coming. What a wonderful time. However, sometimes this time turns to be a nightmare. You all probably understand what I am talking about. Yes, this is connected with the changes in weather. Sometime it is so sunny and nice, but then it turns to be cold again. That is so easy to get ill at this time. Of course, then we have running noses, and this is the nightmare I was talking about. You all know how annoying that could be; spectrally, if you have forgotten napkins.

But do not worry anymore because someone has made the thing we need in these kinds of situations.

Take a look.

How convenient is that!!! You do not have to putt napkins in your pockets, so they cannot fall out. Also, that is cheaper to buy toilet paper than napkins, so we can save some money. Furthermore, it always on your head. Toilet paper is closer to your nose as ever; that allows to wait until the last moment and only then blow the nose. This decreases the number of blowing nose, and that definitely saves time.

In brief, this new thing saves your money and time!

How grate is that. :)

Take care and have a nice spring,
Your crazy invention blog.


Hello dear readers and welcome to crazy invention blog!

It seems that world is getting more and more crazy. Do not believe us? Look!

Square watermelons! Does not seem real? Surprisingly, but it is real; nothing fake in this picture. But why would people make such a thing? The answer is simple - it is easier to transport them in this way. Yes, people try to make their lives as easy as possible. However, some of the new inventions are crossed the line. The line which separates useful and important inventions from something hilarious and useless. But sometimes the reason of these new tools is not usefulness. The purpose is to make lives more interesting, and we can honestly say that by looking at these new things we had some fun.

That is actually the reason why we made this blog. To make people smile. And who knows, maybe these new inventions will inspire you to make something by yourself.

Just follow us and you will see the most strange inventions on the world. Do not hesitate and show what you think about these new tools by leaving comments.

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